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Scope of application of privacy protection

This privacy protection policy applies to "Taipei 101 Observatory-Book tickets online" (Taipei 101 observatory- Book tickets online, website, Hereinafter referred to as this website)) and other application services that refer to this privacy protection policy, TAIPEI 101 and this website are bound by a single privacy policy.

Regardless of whether you use a computer, mobile device or other device to access this website, or we provide you with services within the business scope of "TAIPEI 101", this privacy policy is applicable. Please be sure to read the following instructions carefully, and please agree to this privacy policy Under the premise of the rights policy, we will continue to provide services. If you do not agree to provide information that can identify you, you can still browse this website or accept our services, but the user experience may be affected, and you still need to agree to other security terms that are not related to personally identifiable information.

This privacy protection policy does not apply to websites that are not managed or maintained by "TAIPEI 101", nor does it include business premises that are not directly managed by "TAIPEI 101". If you link to the "TAIPEI 101" partner website through this website, you have left the scope of application of the "TAIPEI 101" privacy policy, and the content or security of other websites has nothing to do with this website, and "TAIPEI 101" is not responsible Any responsibility, please pay attention to its privacy policy and security.

"TAIPEI 101", as the controller of identifiable personal data, has separate terms of service for specific services, providing more detailed information processing and service descriptions. When you use the services we provide, please refer to and abide by the relevant terms of service.

Identifiable Personal Data Collection and Processing Methods

This website will not store any information that can identify your real identity for users' browsing activities on this website, only including the Internet Protocol (IP) address, device type, and device identification that connect your device to the Internet. Code, browser type and version, browsing history and web log information, this information is used to improve your browsing experience, when using this information, it will not have any impact on you personally.

However, when you register as a member of "TAIPEI 101" through this website, or participate in various activities handled by other "TAIPEI 101", when "TAIPEI 101" provides specific services, or leave a message on this website, only your On the premise of expressly agreeing or fulfilling the contractual obligations, according to the type of service provided or the content of the contract, store your name, email, address, contact number, gender, ID number and other necessary personal data, and agree to use this data to provide " TAIPEI 101".

"TAIPEI 101" does not force you to provide any personally identifiable information, but if it is necessary to process relevant identifiable personal information during the process of providing services or performing contractual obligations with you, failure to provide information may result in inability to Provide all of your services, fulfill contractual obligations, or contact you at your request.

"TAIPEI 101" collects identifiable personal information for online shopping and other e-commerce services, to notify you of special events or to provide new product services, to provide consultation, to conclude business agreements or to respond to your requests according to your wishes. You are free to choose Allow us to collect and process your data, and decide whether to use it for "TAIPEI 101"; "TAIPEI 101" will only process personal data within a limited range of specific purposes, and we will notify you of individual fulfillment responsibilities depending on the type of service Obligations and Legal Basis for Obtaining Information.

If "TAIPEI 101" wants to use your personal data for new processing purposes, we will notify you again before we start, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, safeguarding public interests or exempting others from harming their rights, lives, and properties , and explain the new purpose and processing conditions, we will further find the legal basis for processing, and seek your explicit consent.

If "TAIPEI 101" obtains your personal information through other channels, we will notify you within one month of the type of personal information that has been obtained, the purpose of acquisition, the region and object of use, and the channel through which we obtained personal information.

The operations performed by "TAIPEI 101" on your personal data include automated and non-automated collection, recording, structuring, storage, modification, retrieval, etc. Unless we have your permission, in order to fulfill our obligations with you or other strict conditions, we will not use information that is sufficient to identify you (such as name, email address, etc.) contact you or confirm your identity) to other organizations or individuals; we strictly select partners, such as marketing, payment and invoicing, information system technical support, etc.

"TAIPEI 101" will give priority to anonymization or pseudonymization technology when processing identifiable personal data, and will not use identifiable personal data to perform any Fully automated analysis or prediction of your individual behavior; if we use anonymized data for statistical purposes, such data will be stored separately from the personal data you provide and kept strictly confidential, except for the fulfillment of legal requirements, contractual obligations or maintenance Otherwise not provided to third parties for our legitimate interests.

If "TAIPEI 101" decides to use your data for any automated decision-making or profiling, we will provide you with an explanation in advance on how we will process the data and obtain your explicit written consent, and we will take appropriate measures to Protect your rights and data security.

"TAIPEI 101" only provides services for natural persons with full capacity of conduct, and will not collect or process personal information of persons under the age of 20. If you are under 20 years old, you need to prove to us that your parent or guardian has given us consent to process your data.

"TAIPEI 101" provides you with the right to request a copy of the data in accordance with the applicable laws, including but not limited to the purpose and scope of our processing of personal data. You can get a copy for free; if you need more copies, we will reserve to you Right to Charge. If you have doubts about the correctness of the information provided, we also provide you with the right to correct and modify.

You can request "TAIPEI 101" to delete your personal data according to individual laws. If you withdraw your consent to personal data processing, the purpose of use disappears, we process it illegally, or there is no legal reason to keep it, you also Under certain conditions, you can ask us to limit the processing of personal data, stop processing and using it, refuse to market to you, request data transfer and object to continue processing personal data, and we will strictly cooperate with legal regulations. If you want to exercise your personal data rights endowed by law, or have doubts about the legality of our processing of personal data, you are welcome to leave a message at the customer service counter, by phone, email or on this website, and we will send someone to contact you, and We will do our best to meet your request within the time limit required by law. If you have any doubts about the processing of personal information by "TAIPEI 101", you can file a complaint with the competent authority.

social media

This website has the function of linking Facebook fan groups and LINE APP sharing buttons. These functions are provided by Facebook and LINE APP. When you use this function, Facebook and LINE APP will receive the relevant network page information provided by you. If you have Log in to Facebook or LINE APP, the relevant information will access your personal account information or web browsing data through the browser; if you do not agree to such behavior, please be sure to delete it from your Facebook and LINE APP account, please read for details Facebook and LINE APP account usage rules, this part will be managed by Facebook and LINE APP. The same applies if the "TAIPEI 101" website has the function of linking to other social media.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file used to store information on a web browser. Cookies can store and receive identification codes and other information on computers, mobile phones and other devices. Other technologies, including the data we store on your web browser or device, identification codes associated with your device, and other software, are also used for similar purposes, and these technologies are collectively referred to as "cookies" in this policy.

The "TAIPEI 101" website will read the cookies stored on your computer according to the functions and purposes of the cookies. If it is to remember your operations and input data when you jump to the website page or to maintain the security of data transmission, the use of such cookies Use without your consent.

The "TAIPEI 101" website will use cookies to improve your experience, such as your region and language, but it cannot identify your real identity. According to your choice, cookies will be used to store your account number and password, so that when you log in to this website, No need to re-enter each time. Such information is only used for statistical analysis on this website. Unless you log in as a member or complete shopping on this website, such information will not be linked with your member information or other personal information. "TAIPEI 101" will not Cookies are used to deliver advertisements that may be of interest to you.

In order to enhance the performance of this website, such as error messages responded by users or the click-through rate of statistical webpages, "TAIPEI 101" will collect website statistics, including but not limited to device types, IP addresses, and web browsing records, etc., which are only used as It is used to improve the service process of this website and analyze website traffic, and your real identity cannot be identified, and these data will continue to be saved.

If you do not want cookies to be read, your browser or device can provide you with the ability to set and delete browser cookies; we encourage you to use the browser's function so that your browsing cannot be tracked. For detailed information on these control options, please refer to the instructions for use of each browser or device, but turning off the reading of cookies may result in you being unable to use some functions of this website, or may reduce the service quality of this website.

Data usage

"TAIPEI 101" will not sell the stored personal data files to a third party under any circumstances, but in the following circumstances, "TAIPEI 101" may provide your information to a third party:

Obtain your consent in advance, or within the specific purpose of collecting personal information.

To comply with legal obligations or requests from government agencies.

Other purposes other than those specified in the Personal Data Protection Act, such as preventing illegal activities and maintaining the safety of others.

Establish or defend legal claims or defenses.

Provide necessary information to law enforcement agencies for legal proceedings, such as "TAIPEI 101" suffering information security threats.

If it is necessary to transfer data across borders, we will obtain your consent and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Taiwan, the European Union or other member countries before proceeding.

Website account password change and security protection

"TAIPEI 101" will protect data through appropriate security measures, and prevent unexpected interruption of business activities or other data violations. All registered members' account information on the "TAIPEI 101" website will be protected by passwords. "TAIPEI 101" will take reasonable measures to protect the personal data it has from being lost, improperly used, and read, used, changed or destroyed without authorization; data transmission will also adopt appropriate encryption technology and security measures It will include the overall data life cycle, and various security mechanisms will be regularly checked and updated to provide effective protection, and under strict legal conditions, it will respond to relevant units for cyber attacks that may affect the operation of "TAIPEI 101".

Internet users who have registered as members can log in at any time to modify their personal information and preferences on the "TAIPEI 101" website, including the right to accept "TAIPEI 101" notifications of special events or new products and services.

In turn, this information is needed to (1) deliver the content of our website correctly, (2) optimize the content of our website and its advertising, (3) ensure the long-term viability of our IT systems and website technology (4) provide law enforcement authorities with Information required for criminal prosecution in the event of a cyber attack.

Data storage and management

We provide you with the functions of accessing, correcting and clearing your data, please go to the setting function page of the "TAIPEI 101" website for more information.

"TAIPEI 101" will continue to save data until you no longer need to provide our services, or until you delete your account (whichever occurs earlier). The above decisions will have different results on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of the data, the reasons for collecting and processing the data, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

If you delete your account, the information you have provided in the past cannot be restored in the future.

respond to legal requests

"TAIPEI 101" may access and retain your information in the following situations:

Processing of personal data exclusively for journalistic, academic, artistic or literary expression purposes, activities in areas of jurisdiction outside EU law, purely personal or family activities, and personal data for the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses or the execution of sentences processing, which may be excluded or exempted.

Competent authorities or judiciary and police agencies are required by law to access and retain information, including but not limited to administrative actions, search tickets, subpoenas, rulings or judgments. When "TAIPEI 101" encounters the above-mentioned authorities requiring us to respond or perform obligations according to law, and the response or performance will affect users in the jurisdiction and meet internationally recognized standards, we will respond to or fulfill the legal requirements or obligations of the above-mentioned authorities .

When we believe that it is necessary to take the following actions: to detect, prevent and resolve fraud, violate our terms or policies, or harm the rights of other users, protect "TAIPEI 101" (including our rights, assets, goods or services) , you, or in order to conduct an investigation or respond to an inquiry or instruction from a competent authority.

We may prolong the acquisition and retention of information we receive about you if required by law or out of obligation, agency investigation, or investigation regarding alleged violations of our terms or policies, or to avoid harm time.

If you have any questions about the processing of identifiable personal data by "TAIPEI 101", please leave your comments at the customer service counter, customer service hotline or this website, or contact the relevant competent authority.

policy revision

In response to the changes in the social environment and laws and regulations and the advancement of technology, in order to protect the privacy of users and the intellectual property rights of website content, "TAIPEI 101" may be revised in due course in consideration of the current laws and regulations, environmental changes, etc.

Personal Data Disclosure Statement

Taipei 101's personal data collection, processing and use notices:

The purpose and legal basis for Taipei 101 to collect your personal data is necessary to fulfill the contract and business contact with the parties to the contract. The relevant business personnel of Taipei 101, based on 040 marketing, 069 contract, similar contract or other legal relationship affairs, 077 reservation, 090 For specific purposes such as consumer and customer management and services, it is necessary to collect, process or use relevant personal data, please read carefully.

The data collected based on the previous project includes C001 personally identifiable persons (name, contact number, email, address). For the third party who has a contractual relationship between Taipei 101 and Taipei 101, within 5 years after the order of goods, services or tickets is completed, save paper and electronic data, and process data in a non-automatic manner, and only in Taipei 101 in Taiwan will use it for a specific purpose within the scope of its business. Except as required by law or required by the competent authority, Taipei 101 will not provide the data to other third parties or process or use it across borders.

According to the applicable regulations of different laws and regulations, Taiduan may exercise the following rights regarding Taipei 101's retention of your personal data:

1. Unless there are exceptions stipulated by laws and regulations, Taipei 101 may inquire about, request to read or request to make copies, but Taipei 101 may charge necessary costs according to laws and actual conditions.

2. Request to Taipei 101 to supplement or correct your personal information, provided the reasons and facts are properly explained.

3. If Taipei 101 collects, processes or uses personal data in violation of laws and regulations, it may request Taipei 101 to stop collecting, processing or using your personal data in accordance with laws and regulations.

4. If there is any dispute over the correctness of personal data, you may request Taipei 101 to stop processing or using your personal data, unless it is necessary to perform business and indicate the dispute or obtain your written consent.

5. According to laws and regulations, when the specific purpose of personal data collection disappears, the time limit expires, you are bound by law, you withdraw your consent, or you object to Taipei 101’s continued processing, you may request Taipei 101 to delete, stop processing or use your personal data, provided that This restriction does not apply to those required by Taipei 101 to perform business, fulfill the contractual relationship between the two parties, fulfill legal obligations, or obtain your written consent.

6. If you raise doubts about the correctness or processing method of the data, object to Taipei 101’s continued processing, Taipei 101’s illegal processing, specific purpose disappears, or the storage period expires, Taipei 101 still needs to keep it. You may request Taipei 101 to restrict the processing of data during applicable clarification and verification operations; if Taipei 101 processes your personal data based on legitimate interests or public interests, you also have the right to object (objection).

7. Depending on the applicable laws and regulations, you may transfer the personal data that Taipei 101 processes based on the performance of the contract, your consent, or Taipei 101 processes in an automated manner, limited to the data you provide, in a machine-readable format to designated transmission to Other agencies (institutions).

8. If the processing is based on the collection, processing or utilization of your explicit consent, you may withdraw your consent, but this will not affect the legality of Taipei 101's processing of personal information before you withdraw your consent.

If you want to exercise the above-mentioned legal rights, or know how to exercise them, or have any questions about personal information, you can ask at the B1 customer service counter, Taipei 101 customer service (Tel: 02-8101-8800), or at the Taipei 101 official Website [Contact Us] to make inquiries, or contact Taipei 101 Privacy Protection Officer (EMAIL: ), please refer to Taipei 101 website for privacy protection policy. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authorities of Taipei 101, such as the Taipei City Government and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

You are free to choose whether to provide relevant personal information and categories, but if you refuse to provide personal information and categories, if it is necessary for business review or operation, for the establishment of a contractual relationship between the two parties or information required by laws, Taipei 101 may not be able to carry out the necessary business Please forgive me for not being able to provide you with relevant services or better services due to review or operation.