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Home Refund Notice

You can go to [Member Center] > [My Orders] > [Reserved] to modify the order. The modified order can only be refunded/returned for the entire order and re-ordered. Partial refunds/returns are not possible. Amendments to orders only:

1. Before the goods are verified and picked up

2. Before the date when the service was provided and has not yet been used

3. Before the admission date, and the admission has not been verified

Taipei 101 observatory- Book tickets online consumption invoices are not available for tax refund.

Refund / Return

The refund amount will be refunded to the original consumer credit card. Gifts such as shopping gold/e-coupons obtained through consumption must be returned; if they cannot be recycled or the shopping gold/e-coupons are not enough, the system will deduct the equivalent amount from the refundable items and return the balance.

The refund will take about 5-7 working days to process, depending on the actual settlement date of the credit card statement. The refund amount will be displayed on the current or next bill; if you need to confirm the refund amount, please contact the issuing bank.

Return: For goods/services ordered through Taipei 101 observatory- Book tickets online, if the orderer confirms the refund/return, the service staff will immediately write off the QRcode of the goods/services, and no refund will be provided after the write-off is completed payment/return service.

In order to protect the rights and interests of members, if a large number or multiple orders are canceled, TAIPEI 101 will limit its membership rights or cancel the subscription qualification; if there is any damage or loss to TAIPEI 101 or the cooperative manufacturer, the orderer agrees to compensate for such damage or full liability for damages.